Student Welfare Association Overview

The Board of Student Welfare was setup in DYPOSEA during the academic year 2016-17. The Association is committed to student wellbeing and betterment. It strives for the all round development of the student in all spheres of life through counseling & various other student-oriented programs. The Association aims to facilitate a congenial atmosphere for students overall advancement.


To encourage students individual, academic and integrated development by providing leadership and counseling services and thus prepare them for a diverse, enterprising and global society.


  • ◆To arrange various leadership, social, extracurricular and counseling programs to inculcate responsibility among students so as to enable them to become productive citizens of the society.
  • ◆To provide a comprehensive, competent and responsive system to facilitate a good learning environment to the students.
  • ◆To uphold integrity, highest level of transparency and accountability.
  • ◆To maintain peace, harmony, co-existence and public goodwill.
  • ◆To provide a platform for students to redress their grievances.